Tarlabaşı is a neighborhood in the Beyoğlu district in Istanbul stretching from Taksim Square in the north to Tepebaşı in the south. Translated from the Turkish, “Tarlabaşı” means “front field”. Tarlabaşı has many faces and it‘s a symbol of urban renewal. Many Istanbullu might tell you to take care, because the neighborhood has a reputation for drugs and crime. There are many run-down and abandoned houses and the streets are dirty of rubbish. But still it‘s an interesting, multiculturel area which includes kurdish, armenien, greek and turkish people. Tarlabaşı is changed a lot by the government in the next years. The big word is: Gentrification!
On sundays there is a very famous market: the Talabaşhio Sunday market. The market is sprawling, fascinating, and cheap. You can find pyramids of eggplant, cabbage, tomatoes, carrots, capsicums, pomegranates, mushrooms, hocks of pumpkin, bloody lamb shanks, buckets of cheese, hacked-up or still flopping fish, pickles, peppers, miniature spice dunes, cheap textiles, silks, uncombed wattles of wool…




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